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Reflecting on Family Values

Three Cultural Keys



CPT recognizes that history, customs, traditions and norms establish our identity. As the uniqueness of each individual is derived not only from DNA, but also from the influence and impact of love, nurturing, guidance, teaching, learning, support, and traditions – one’s family cultural identity is established.


CPT celebrates the commitment to actively engage in sharing customs and traditions that create indelible memories that uniquely define family, community and culture. It is commitment to sharing customs and traditions that builds legacies for generations to come.


CPT encourages preservation of those unique customs, norms and traditions that create common heartwarming experiences.


Mother Made It Host Aprons!

Culture Preservation Technicians “made from scratch” heirloom aprons celebrate great times, special people and comforting foods.They are the perfect to reflect the unique values of your family or organizational beliefs.

To be used in the preparation or serving of a special meal, Culture Preservation Technicians heirloom aprons are created to stimulate the appetite and conversation.

For a unique family reunion, hospitality or hosting event, consider a memento of function, purpose and special meaning – a Culture Preservation Technician heirloom apron!


Family First Apron

Our first perceptions of the world are organically shaped by those who love, protect and guide us through life’s journey daily. Our first norms – the customs, traditions and values that we embrace are taught, learned and practiced within our homes. They constitute the family “brand identity” of who we are and hope to preserve for those who will continue our lineage. The Family First apron reflects those first indelible norms.


Memorable Family Gathering

Evoking memories of sharing in the preparation of sit down meals, the Memorable Family Gathering apron celebrates the comfort found in the foods and special times shared with immediate and extended family and friends. Designed to serve as wonderful family heirloom to pass from generation to generation.


Fish Fry Fundamentals

Whether for an informal get together or Friday church bingo, fraternal or Mason Lodge social, the Fish Fry is always a fun filled fellowship! The Fish Fry Fundamentals host apron captures the key elements that make this themed tradition such a cultural treasure.


HBCU Family Values Tailgate

Celebrate the heritage and legacy of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) with the HBCU Family Values Tailgate apron. Emphasizing the core principles upon which HBCU’s were formed, this apron is ideal for alumni events, homecoming gatherings and tailgate events.


It's Mae Day in the Kitchen

You can’t miss Mae! She always makes an entrance. She is your mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, sister or trusted friend. She is that steel magnolia of the south who is known for her culinary skills, hospitality, charm, wit, wisdom and warm spirit. Her presence sets the tone for meaningful and cherished gatherings.


Custom Apron Designs

Seeking a unique design for a special event or occasion? Let CPT create a one of a kind design just for you. Please note there is a minimum requirement for all custom creations. Click to view examples of custom design work.

For many, our fondest memories of celebratory events are centered on the preparation and presentation of wonderful meals. A meal that is traditional. A meal that allowed many individuals to participate in its creation.

The preparers of these meals, given the extensive effort and processing involved in creating a special meal – wore an apron. Aprons once were a fixture that had a special place in the kitchen.

Perhaps it hung on a hook in a nearby pantry. Or, perhaps it was folded and placed neatly in a special drawer. In any event, the donning of an apron indicated that a focus on preparation of nurturing foods was about to take place.

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