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Cultural Preservation Technicians (CPT) LLC

Prompted by a love and appreciation of her southern roots, particularly the cuisine, customs and values of family and community, native Detroiter, Pamela Miller Malone founded Culture Preservation Technicians (CPT) LLC in 2007. CPT exists to recognize, celebrate and preserve the rich cultural traditions and values of family and community.

Dedicated to promoting the family as the foundation for strong communities, CPT offers quality custom products that celebrate the customs of family and home. CPT is an art design company that recognizes, celebrates and encourages the preservation of cultural distinctions that define who we are.



The daughter of parents born and raised in South Carolina, Pamela Malone proudly identifies as a daughter of the Great Northern Migration. Like so many African-American families in the south during the 30’s and 40’s seeking better economic opportunities offered by the burgeoning automobile industry, her parents migrated to Detroit, Michigan in the late 1940’s.

As Ms. Malone describes it, while born and raised in Detroit, her parent’s love of their hometown and sense of community is something that she inherited through annual summer trips “down south”, family reunions, stories shared about and delivered by elders.

While not an artist, yet passionate about capturing the essence of family life as she saw, experienced and treasured it – the caring, sharing and nurturing – including the preparation and serving of food for the soul – she sought to capture and preserve those memories in the form of wearable art.

Appropriately, the first product of CPT product line was the Mother Made It host apron. Offering a catalog of five (5) distinct designs that commemorate the cultural significance of cuisine as a familial communal convener.

CPT exists to recognize, celebrate and preserve the rich cultural traditions and values of family and community.

Recognize, Celebrate, Preserve...




CPT recognizes that history, customs, traditions and norms establish our identity. As the uniqueness of each individual is derived not only from DNA, but also from the influence and impact of love, nurturing, guidance, teaching, learning, support, and traditions – one’s family cultural identity is established.


CPT celebrates the commitment to actively engage in sharing customs and traditions that create indelible memories that uniquely define family, community and culture. It is commitment to sharing customs and traditions that builds legacies for generations to come.


CPT encourages preservation of those unique customs, norms and traditions that create common heartwarming experiences.

Cultural Family Values…

with an Apron!

For many, our fondest memories of celebratory events are centered on the preparation and presentation of wonderful meals. A meal that is traditional. A meal that allowed many individuals to participate in its creation.

The preparers of these meals, given the extensive effort and processing involved in creating a special meal – wore an apron. Aprons once were a fixture that had a special place in the kitchen.

Perhaps it hung on a hook in a nearby pantry. Or, perhaps it was folded and placed neatly in a special drawer. In any event, the donning of an apron indicated that a focus on preparation of nurturing foods was about to take place.

... fond memories of celebratory events centered on the preparation and presentation of wonderful meals!

An apron symbolizes a very special time. A time when the preparation of food was approached with great care and time by mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, neighbors and friends who sought to prepare a memorable meal that would not only strengthen and fortify the body – but the soul.