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“A Glorious Family Gathering Reunion Gift Basket”

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Celebrate southern living and dining with this custom gift basket. Featuring “soul food” classics from the Glory Food line – collard greens, black-eyed peas and rice, cornbread, hot sauce and seasonings, this basket contains the Family Gathering apron and a custom cookbook of your family’s favorite foods.

Let Culture Preservation Technicians create a custom welcome basket just for you.

Price: $85 ea.

“A Family Gathering Made in Detroit Gift Basket”

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Welcome family, guests or clients to a reunion or special gathering with a gift basket that contains the host apron of your choice and an array of food items and gifts that reflect the foods, apparel and goods of the host or city or origin.

Let Culture Preservation Technicians enhance your special event with a custom geographic area themed gift basket.

Price: $125 ea.